A routine eye examination is more than being able to see “20/20”. Our philosophy is to enhance the quality of your life and to not just treat the “eyes” but to treat the “person behind those eyes” as well. At Ottewell Eye Care we go above and beyond the minimum standard of an eye exam as we provide the full spectrum of eye care services specific to your needs.

Many common eye diseases have no early signs or symptoms which is precisely the reason why your optometrist recommends scheduling an appointment respective to the stage in life you are in. As you can guess, a children’s eye exam differs greatly from an adult as it does to a senior in the way we test, interact, and things to look for in regards to the health of the eyes.

Pediatric/Children Eye Exam

Did you know that your child’s first eye exam should be at 6 months of age? The eye doctor are checking to ensure that the eyes are healthy, that the eyes are working together as a team and are aligned and that the eyes are developing at the acceptable normative range. The next recommended visit is yearly after their first initial visit.