What Is Dry Eye?

What are the causes of dry eyes?

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What can we do about dry eye?

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Contact Lenses

Scleral lenses are large diameter contact lenses that rest on the white part of the eye (sclera) and create a tear-filled vault over the cornea. Traditionally these lenses have been fitted for those who have irregularities on their cornea in which a regular soft contact lens may not either the satisfactory vision or comfort. Scleral lenses are making a come back in the context of dry eyes in recent years with promising results.

Because of the liquid reservoir between the contact lens and the cornea, it can aid in effectively providing relief for patients with dry eyes who previously were unsuccessful with conventional therapy. In addition the patient can reap the added benefit of clear vision while wearing these lenses.

As it is a specialty contact lens, there is a relatively longer fit process to ensure the design is optimal to achieve the results.

Ask us today if scleral lenses may be an option for you and your dry eye!

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